About Us

Mountain Journey Team

Mountain journey team greets and welcomes you all to the wonderful adventures, nature loving people for safe and breathtaking once in a life time experience of trekking, tour and peak climbing in Nepal. Nepal is a landlocked country who owns the high Himalayas, exotic wildlife, supreme natural beauty rich flora and fauna, culture, tradition and history which makes it matchless and centre of magnetism for millions of tourist in and around the world.

Mountain journey team is one of the leading pioneer trekking companies in Nepal. It was established in 2005 by the group of expert and experienced Sherpa guides. It has been more than 10 years and thousands of people have been pleased with our service and they have Joined Mountain Journey Team for their second or third visit to Nepal. As we say Nepal Once Is Not Enough/our guest is our god same as that our services and performance of our team members will not change, it will be constant, everlasting as a result Satisfied travelers we serve. We mountain Journey team have been working in the High Himalayas with Expert Sherpa guides with full welcoming environment, safety and responsible trekking. Service quality and fair price is the main motto of our Business with the fulfilled service in any parts of trekking tour and Peak climbing trips, a result the optimum clients satisfaction in leading great adventure holidays and peak climbing trips in the Himalayas. The Medical trained and experienced high altitude Sherpa guides along with the necessary first aid kit and rescue equipments (ice-axe ,ropes etc) will be provided in every trip and Portable Altitude Chamber or Oxygen will also be provided as per the trekking level as required.

Mountain journey team offers travelers unforgettable travel experience through our wide range of selective, high quality value of money packages that lies in making your vacation successful fun, exciting and making it an experience that will add a lot in your life. Superior customer care, client satisfaction and well being is our highest priority-from the product offered, to the traveler care provided before, during and after the trip. We sincerely observe responsible tourism practice and our policies are guided by the principle for Economic, Social and Environmental Responsibility. We undertake to be the role model and hope our principles can contribute to awareness and change. We guide to live and live to guide this is our passion, welcome to our world  !!!